Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What's coming up?

Hey Geeky Parents!  Thought I'd do an quick a post to let you know what you can expect here soon!

My lovely Grandmom Theresa died a few weeks ago.  I traveled back to the mother land (Philadelphia) to attend her services and spend some time with my parents.   While there my dad and I did a bit of genealogy research, and found some very cool ephemera from my family's history. I hope to wrap that project up and share some of that info (and how we found it) soon.

My obsession with wearables continues.  We've been testing out the LG G watch R and the Martian Notifier, and will have those reviews up at the end of this week.

Super-Dad and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on Thursday!   I will have a feature on our anniversary "staycation"  on the blog soon!

Finally, I am reading "Orbital Perspective"  by Astronaut Ron Garand.   I got to speak with Garand while he was orbiting the earth on the ISS a few years ago (how lucky am I!?)  so I'm excited to read his insights!

In my personal life we are getting ready to celebrate Kitty's eighth birthday tomorrow (Eight! She was just a tiny little five pound baby yesterday, I swear!)  and Nate tours our neighborhood high school and alternative school this week in preparation for next year!  High school! What? I'm so old.

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