Sunday, February 8, 2015

Win a Red Boom Swimmer Speaker - A perfect Geeky Valentine's Gift

We are media obsessed here, and with our Samsung Galaxy S 5s, we have taken to streaming shows while we shower.  The shower can be pretty loud, and having a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a necessity.

I suppose you could also play some sweet, sexy tunes and run your Valentine a bath with, like, flowers or whatever, but if you're a reader of this blog you're just as likely to want to watch Game of Thrones during that bath.  Either way, AT&T has your back.  Their “Sweet Heart Sale” happening Feb. 6-19: Get 2 Boom Swimmer speakers (any color - though the red is especially Valentines-y) for $99. (save $31).

The Boom Swimmer Speakers are especially cool because they have a little bendable "tail" that allows you to hang it in a bunch of ways, and attach it to multiple things or coil it into a stand.  It also has a suction cup, for sticking to the shower wall.

Check out the Boom Swimmer Speaker and AT&T's other gift suggestions at

Want to win a red Boom Swimmer Speaker, courtesy of AT&T Seattle?  Enter below!

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  1. This would be a lot more convenient than the iHome speakers I use now to listen to podcasts in the shower!

  2. I would use this to listen to music in the shower. Our shower radio has been broken for years!


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