Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life Advice from Superheroes

I just saw this "Awesome Life Advice from Your Favorite Superheroes" article and got all excited!  Cool!  Advice from Superheroes!  And in Reader's Digest of all places!  ...and then I read it and was disappointed.  Sure, there are a few gems in there, but seems like someone over at RD grabbed a stack of random comics and took any ol' quote that could be kinda construed as advice.  I don't really think the person who wrote this was all that comic savvy, either.  Who wants advice from Darkseid or Doc Ock?

That being said, I know many of you have gleaned some great life lessons from comics.  I know Parenting Geekly readers can do better than this lame list.  They don't have to be quotes, just any lessons or advice you've learned from your favorite comic books.  Leave it in the comments and if we get enough responses I'll compile them into a new post.

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