Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

It's March 13th here in the US, which means it's Pi Day!  (They celebrate on April 31 in parts of the world where they abbreviate the date by putting the day first)  This year, Pi Day is also a Palindrome (3.14.13 is the same backwards and forwards!)'s so mathtastic!
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We celebrated by attending Pi Day at the kids' school.  We are so lucky to be at a school where we have a Math Committee and parents who are into promoting STEM in our school.  The kids played math games, had programming stations set up with Chromebooks and Raspberry Pis.  They had tangrams, card games, oragami lessons and math packets.  We celebrated with a pie potluck and our Assistant Principal took a pie to the face to raise some funds for our parent group.  Super fun was had by all.

How did you celebrate Pi Day?

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