Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taking Kids to PAX Prime?

It's time for my annual list of dos and don'ts when bringing your kids to PAX Prime (or any other large convention).  For the fourth year I'm standing by my own advice and NOT bringing five year old Kitty.

You still have time go out and get yourself some easily-portable hand sanitizer.  I still recommend the fun ones from Bath and Body works, which you can find at 5 for $5 at almost any mall.  They are alcohol based, opposed to Triclosan, which may be safer for littles.

Click on this link for the rest of my PAX tips:  Surviving PAX Prime with Kids.

Do you have any tips?  Leave them in the comments below or on Parenting Geekly's Facebook page, and we'll add them to next year's list.

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