Thursday, April 26, 2012

This stroller gives new meaning to Power Wheels

When Nate was born almost 12 years ago the most expensive stroller that a normal, non-rich person bought was like, $100.  When Kit came along 7 years after that it wasn't uncommon for parents to spend $300 on a stroller.  The stroller system I got was a Laura Ashley branded one by Graco and it was in that range.  I picked it because I liked the colors without much thought to function, because at that point all strollers were pretty much the same. When our friends started having babies a couple of years ago the newest, coolest strollers were in the $500 range, but were uber sleek and functional.  They were worth the spendy price tag if you could swing it.

But this years hottest new stroller takes the cake.  This $850 beauty from Oragami is available from ThinkGeek and has power folding capabilities and will charge your cell phone.  Sweet!  Check this thing out and click here for more info.

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