Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cain's Arcade

In case you still haven't seen the story of 9 year old Caine Monroy, check out this video and then head over where you can read more.

The story in a nutshell: Caine loves the arcade games at the neighborhood pizza parlor.  When he asked his dad to buy him a claw machine, his dad (a mechanic) encourages him to build one instead.  He did, as well as a soccer game, a basketball game and several others.  Out of cardboard.  Cute, huh?  Also, THEY ALL WORK.

He set up the arcade in dad's mechanic shop.  Because the shop is in an industrial location it didn't get any foot traffic.  Filmaker and animator Nirvan Mullick stopped by the shop to pick up a spare part for his car.  When he saw Caine's creation he asked Caine's dad if he could shoot and post a video.  He did, and then the people started coming.

You can read more Cain's Arcade here:  Caine’s Arcade blog, via Nirvan Mullick’s Vimeo page.  There is a link on the blog to donate to Caine's college fund.


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