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Guest Post: 5 Comic Books for Kids

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Comic book superheroes are a pinnacle part of most of our childhoods. Who wasn’t been left in awe as Superman took off flying through the sky or Spiderman crawled onto walls and ceilings? They represent a higher power that we yearned to be a part of and even idolized. However as society continues to move forward and focuses on more risqué and provocative story lines and characters it can be hard to want our kids to indulge in the same comic book adoration that we did growing up. Luckily there are still classic, child-friendly comic books out there:
Teen Titans GO!
Teen Titans GO! is a spin-off from the popular television series Teen Titans and the older comic book series The New Teen Titans which focuses on five main teen superheroes and several lesser characters that are unique to the comic book series. There isn’t a lot of overlapping in each issue, making them easy to pick up no matter what the edition, and quick, fun reads for comic book-loving kids

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four features a family of four individuals who each have a certain superpower skill that allows them to help combat evil. What makes the Fantastic Four different from most superheroes is that they were open about their superpowers instead of hiding behind alter-egos. The success of the Fantastic Four led to several different spin-offs, but the original comic series is still a popular and kid-friendly choice to read.

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane
The comic book choices specified for girls is generally slim-pickings, but this series holds strong for female comic lovers. Set in a high school scene, it follows Spider-Man, Peter Parker, and Mary Jane and their blossoming love for each other. It also follows more of Mary Jane’s story then the typical Spider-Man focus.

The Avengers
The Avengers has long been hailed as one of the most popular team of superheroes, and your kids will probably recognize them on an individualized hero level such as the Hulk, Thor, Captain America, or Iron Man from their popular movies. The comic series catalogues their adventures as the Avengers team working in union to rid the world of evil villains.

Looney Tunes
All your favorite Looney Tunes characters come together in this comic book series with good, clean humor that your kids will love reading. Their zany adventures are immortalized within the comic book pages and are classics to pass from generation to generation.
Cultivating comic book appreciation doesn’t have to be put on the back burner until your kids are older. Despite a push for more lavish and seductive comics and cartoons, there are still good, clean comics out there that you can rest easy in your child reading.

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