Thursday, January 26, 2012

Amazing video from the ISS over a stormy Africa.

Have you seen this amazing video of images the ISS captured while passing over a stormy Africa?

 The blog Lights in the Dark has this to say about some of the phenomenon that can be glimpsed in the timpe-lapse video (which is actually made up of still-photographs)

One of the latest uploads to the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth site, this short-but-oh-so-sweet video shows the view from the Space Station as it passes over Africa, Madagascar and the southern Indian Ocean at night on December 29, 2011. Multiple lightning storms flash over Africa while the Milky Way rises majestically behind the thin line of Earth’s atmosphere, capped by a greenish layer of airglow. Also making an appearance is Comet Lovejoy, at the time two weeks after its near-fatal sunburn. It can be made out rising near the Milky Way’s right side, its faint tail vertical.

There is more information, including some FAQs over at  Lights in the Dark.

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