Thursday, August 11, 2011

Star Wars preschool printables.

During the summer I like to give my kids the opportunity (read: make them) to forgo Summer Learning Loss bv having them do light academic activites a few times a week.  Nothing hard core, just a a little bit of education mixed into the seemingly endless stream of video games and swimming.

Kit is four and half, and as such is still a little too young  for Kindergarten.  She'll be going to pre-K program in a few weeks, but I like to keep up with her literacy and fine motor skills by reading her lots of books and having her do simple worksheets. 

I was delighted  to find this pack of Star Wars Printables made especially for pre-school aged children.  They were created by Jolanthe at and feature artwork created by JD Digi Designs.  The coolest part?  She's offering them to download for free! 

So Far we've done some letter tracing and some of the math worksheets.  There is just the perfect amount of activites here to hold us over until school starts in a couple weeks.  We'll probably even repeat these on the days that she doesn't have school, she loves them that much.   

What do you do to encourage summer learning? Let me know in the comments.

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