Saturday, July 9, 2011

Young Space Geeks: What should I ask NASA?

I have the very special honor of visiting NASA in a few days.  I'll be joining 30 other Tweeps who follow @NASA accounts on twitter.  From the NASA Press release:
The tour for Twitter followers includes a look at mission control and astronauts' training facilities. Visitors also will have the opportunity to speak with flight directors, trainers, astronauts and managers. The Tweetup will include a "meet and greet" session to allow participants to mingle with fellow Tweeps and the staff behind the tweets on @NASA and @NASA_Johnson.

So...does your kid have a question they'd like to ask an astronaut (or a flight director, trainer or manager)?  I can't guarantee that I'll get to ask them, but I'll take the best ones with me!  Leave your question in the comments below along with your child's first name, age and city and state.

Then, follow me on Twitter (@ParentingGeekly) while I live tweet/blog the Tweetup on July 19th to see if your question gets asked!


  1. So Nate wants to know "Are there any memorable experiments were stuff in space reacted in a totally different way than you thought it would?"

    Accepting questions until Monday evening! Get them in folks!

  2. omg you should put that on your PR sitee! blue finch!! it might be a little to childish for that type of website tho :/


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