Friday, July 22, 2011

I talked to space, and this time it answered back

Here is a link to a CNN iReport story submitted by my fellow NASA tweep @absolutspaceguy of our phone call from the International Space Station.  As we followed our Twitter feeds, those of us following @Astro_ron saw this:
If Amiko answers her cell phone I can say hi to everyone at the

Amiko is the Social Media Lead at NASA's Johnson Space Center, and was our gracious tour guide.  Someone found her, and from what I heard, her cell phone was dead, a fate many of us were experiencing as the tour was non-stop with little access to outlets.  I think a fellow tweep offered up his phone and Astronaut Ron Garan called us with a mere two minute window before he was out of our range (things move fast in space!)

So my interesting and thought provoking question comes about 18 seconds in when I ask "Are you having fun?".  Not a shining moment for me, but I was one of the few to actually be able to talk to the ISS, and it was one of the highlights of the trip.

I took some video, but @absolutespaceguy's is better so go to the link and check it out.

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