Monday, May 23, 2011

Superhero Costumes Reimagined as "Every Day" Outfits.

I really like this idea.  Of course, I don't actually dress this trendily, nor does anyone I hang out with, but I could totally see Kit being into this idea.

The images at the link are all DC characters, but the artist (Katrina Navarro) has promised some Marvel inspired outfits as well.  I would love to see Phoenix and Emma Frost in "real" clothes, and Jubilee is in desperate need of a wardrobe update.

via: Project Rooftop

Which costume would you like to see reimagined?


  1. For Phoenix I would do a green, fitted ballet-neck shirt, with a gold necklace in the shape of the Phoenix symbol. She'd still have a gold sash, but it wouldn't be so thick. she'd have on a green skirt and some green patterned tights with some reddish brown boots (because gold boots would be icky).

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