Monday, May 9, 2011

My Dear John to IKEA and Nerdy IKEA Manuals.

IKEA almost ruined my mother's day.  We have the World's Ugliest Chair.  It was a hand me down and I have been asking to replace it since the second it came into our house (to replace the World's Second Ugliest Chair, which had broken).  For Mother's Day SuperDad said he wanted to take me to buy a new chair.  I suggested IKEA, thinking that we could  pick up some other little things we needed while looking for an inexpensive chair.  After almost three hours in there I simply had enough.  I walked away from my cart full of stuff (not the stuff I actually needed, they were out of stock on that, hence the meltdown), grabbed the kids and proclaimed "We're going to a real furniture store".

IKEA, I loved you but I think I've outgrown you.  I will still treasure our moments together in the textiles and housewares sections, but I think it's time I graduated onto to more mature furniture.  I appreciate your aesthetic.  You're a lot prettier than the chair I decided to settle down with, but I have kids to think about. My new chair is sturdy and reliable. It comes with an upholstery insurance plan.  You're just too unpredictable.

Thant being said if you actually sold a TJARDIIS I'd totally come back to you in a heart beat.

TJARDIIS illustration via College Humor

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