Sunday, May 25, 2014

Parents' Guide: Can I take my kids to X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hey there!  This is going to be a quick summary, as I've already had a few email requests for my opinion on the age-appropriateness of this one and I want to bang it out in case anyone is considering going this weekend.

As usual, I had no qualms about taking my own kids.  Thirteen year old Nate and seven year old Kitty really enjoyed it, though there were some moments that were a bit hard for Kitty.

Here were the moments that stood out to me being a tad harsh for sensitive kiddos or stricter parents:

  • A totally unnecessary (but not totally unwelcome :) ) shot of Wolverine totally nude from the back .
  • An instance of the word "shit' and "fuck", but only minor swearing "damn" and "hell" besides that.
  • Autopsy photos of some deformed and stitched up mutants (Kitty looked away from the screen).
  • References to drug use.
  • A character who is a "good guy" but steals and shows a general lack of regard for police.
  • Lots of violence, including a mutant exploding and one getting his face burned off.
In addition, I am always worried that time-travel plots are confusing for kids.  I asked Kitty to summarize the plot in the video posted below (no real spoilers) and she seemed to get it, though as usual, she had a hard time following the many characters inherent in these ensemble action movies.

 Here are some of the things we talked about after the movie:
  • Do you think you could really change the past?
  • Why was Mystique so intent on carrying out her plan?
  • Why do you think people wanted to kill the mutants?
  • How did people with differences come together to work towards a common goal?
So my verdict? This one earns its PG-13 rating.  Even my seven year old had some hard moments.  13 year old Nate did just fine, and I would imagine most kids over 11 would be okay.  Really sensitive kids and younger kids might want to skip this one or at least wait until it can be viewed at home.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Costume Ideas for Women (and girls!) Without Sexy in the Title

This is just a drive-by posting, but I had to point you all to, a site devoted to DIY costumes for women.  They focus on strong women characters from history and folklore, and none of the costumes require sewing.   Here is their "Last Minute" page for you slackers who still need a costume.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Say Hi to Parenting Geekly at GeekGirlCon!

Hi All! 

Long time, no write, right?  Do you miss me?  Come see me on Saturday at Geek Girl Con!  I'll be on the "Geek Etiquette" Panel with my friend The Geeky Hostess, military/writer geek Ana Visneski and chanteuse Marian Call .

It's at 10 am on Saturday!  Here's the description!  I will be wearing some fancy clothes!  Here's the description!

How should you act at conventions? What do you do when your friend doesn't get your references? How will you handle that internet troll? These questions and more will be discussed in this lively look at etiquette in geek culture. Learn how to be a well-mannered geek and get answers to all of your burning etiquette questions!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day

The Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! 

If you're NOT in Seattle, check out for locations near you!

If you ARE in Seattle, you are in luck! Arcane Comics and More in Ballard  will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day  from 10 AM - 8PM.  There will be free comic books for readers of all ages and everything in the shop is on sale for 10% off.

Parenting Geekly will be there celebrating the blog's 3rd Anniversary from 10-2 with face painting, balloons and treats!

For more information visit:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dean Kamen, humanitarian inventor and...soda machine revolutionary?

Dean Kamen is a pretty swell guy.  He's the inventor of the Segway, a wheelchair that can climb stairs and a water purifier that make some of the most contaminated water drinkable. 
Nathan got a strawberry Fanta.  I got a Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero.  They were delicious.
Nate is currently doing his 6th grade biography project on Kamen, and recently asked me if we could make a trip to Taco Time as part of his "research".  The Taco Time near our house was a pretty popular place a few years ago when they introduced the area's first Coca-Cola "Freestyle" machine.  A computerized, touch-screen soda fountain that offers over 125 beverage flavors.  It was invented by Dean Kamen.

At first I was hesitant to believe Nate.  Why would Dean Kamen, a humanitarian, make such a "silly" innovation?  It turns out that several years ago, Coke approached him and asked to sponsor his FIRST program, a project aimed at getting kids involved in STEM education.  Kamen, however, saw Coke being able to help him with a different project, giving children everywhere access to clean water.  In a bit of a "I'll scratch your back..." maneuver  he used technology he had already created for chemotherapy machines and created the Freestyle.

You can read more about it here:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life Advice from Superheroes

I just saw this "Awesome Life Advice from Your Favorite Superheroes" article and got all excited!  Cool!  Advice from Superheroes!  And in Reader's Digest of all places!  ...and then I read it and was disappointed.  Sure, there are a few gems in there, but seems like someone over at RD grabbed a stack of random comics and took any ol' quote that could be kinda construed as advice.  I don't really think the person who wrote this was all that comic savvy, either.  Who wants advice from Darkseid or Doc Ock?

That being said, I know many of you have gleaned some great life lessons from comics.  I know Parenting Geekly readers can do better than this lame list.  They don't have to be quotes, just any lessons or advice you've learned from your favorite comic books.  Leave it in the comments and if we get enough responses I'll compile them into a new post.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

It's March 13th here in the US, which means it's Pi Day!  (They celebrate on April 31 in parts of the world where they abbreviate the date by putting the day first)  This year, Pi Day is also a Palindrome (3.14.13 is the same backwards and forwards!)'s so mathtastic!
Image from

We celebrated by attending Pi Day at the kids' school.  We are so lucky to be at a school where we have a Math Committee and parents who are into promoting STEM in our school.  The kids played math games, had programming stations set up with Chromebooks and Raspberry Pis.  They had tangrams, card games, oragami lessons and math packets.  We celebrated with a pie potluck and our Assistant Principal took a pie to the face to raise some funds for our parent group.  Super fun was had by all.

How did you celebrate Pi Day?
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